case study #1

Call Transfer Campaign

A new client asked Adrea Rubin Marketing – Calibrant Digital to create a lead generation campaign using Facebook. The life insurance carrier did not have any social media presence, on Facebook or on any other platform for new policy holder acquisition. The brand has low consumer recognition and does not have a direct to consumer distribution platform. All new leads generated are distributed to local agents for prospecting.


Call Transfer Campaign

  • Validate inbound traffic marketing
  • Confirm call centers were within the US
  • Create unique campaign parameters
  • Confirm TCPA compliance

Train call center agents

  • Educate licensed agents on differences of warm transfer campaign and internal branded campaigns
  • Create special team within call center designated to service these calls

Create reporting for optimization

  • Identify sales and no interest calls separate from quotes
  • Capture consumer disposition for increasing best sources




Conversion rate from billable to net applications



Daily volume cap set after 6 months of program inception



Annual Premium generate in 4 months

Case Study #2
A new client asked Calibrant Digital to create a lead generation campaign using Facebook.
Case Study #3
A long term client was running click campaigns through their in-house marketing group, were unsatisfied with results and requested some help.
Case Study #4
A current client of Calibrant Digital asked us to help create leads for another division of the organization via email and newsletter ad placements.