case study #3

Click Campaign Lead Generation

A long term client was running click campaigns through their in-house marketing group. Unsatisfied with the results, we were asked to run a head to head test for the same product to improve the cost per click and overall performance of the channel. The goal of the test was to see if a specialized team could out perform the existing campaign for the same product. New assets would not be provided, based on limited resources available.


Analyze existing strategy used by in-house team

Create new strategy for program

Develop new assets




Reduction in cost per click



Increase in leads for program



Increase in lead conversion to application

Case Study #1
Calibrant proposed a test program for unbranded warm transfers to an existing client of 35+ years.
Case Study #2
A new client asked Calibrant Digital to create a lead generation campaign using Facebook.
Case Study #4
A current client of Calibrant Digital asked us to help create leads for another division of the organization via email and newsletter ad placements.

Case Study #5

For a new client Calibrant Digital recommended expanding Facebook prospecting beyond retargeting and structured a proof of concept test.