case study #4

Email and Newsletter Lead Generation

A current client of Adrea Rubin Marketing asked us to help create leads for another division of the organization via email and newsletter ad placements. Leads are generated with the objective of establishing contact for worksite benefit program presentations. The home office sends out marketing materials to prospects and licensed agents follow up to sign up companies as part of the program.


Identify target audience for prospecting

  • Utilize a combination of digital and print publication subscriber fee
  • Determine specific individuals within each file

Create marketing strategy for brand awareness and lead generation

  • Work with internal marketing team to develop ads and marketing message
  • Coordinate schedule between email deployments and banner ad insertions across multiple files




Click to lead conversion rate



Number of years the program is running



Increase in presentations for prospecting

Case Study #1
Calibrant proposed a test program for unbranded warm transfers to an existing client of 35+ years.
Case Study #2
A new client asked Calibrant Digital to create a lead generation campaign using Facebook.
Case Study #3
A long term client was running click campaigns through their in-house marketing group, were unsatisfied with results and requested some help.