case study #1

Launch Carrier’s First-Ever Direct-to-Consumer Campaign

A national insurance carrier came to Calibrant Digital to enter the Direct to Consumer channel for customer acquisition.

We Identified 3 Key Factors

  • 1. Little brand awareness but competitive pricing
  • 2. Prior distribution was done through bank affiliations
  • 3. Optimal consumers were online and offline

Core Strategy

Calibrant defined a comprehensive plan to understand their optimal consumers and to present the product over the brand with a compelling message that prioritized transactions and sales.

Calibrant devised & executed a multichannel campaign aimed at several custom segmented audience groups.

Calibrant developed multiple messaging streams calibrated to each segment’s needs, values, and life stage.

Calibrant devised interactions that highlighted the competitive pricing and product benefits.

As a bonus -- Calibrant & Client adjusted agent guides to position the brand more strongly resulting in increased awareness.


$3,000,000+ annual run-rate in first-year premiums by month four