Case study #3

Supplementing Online with Offline

A major life insurance carrier was already active in online marketing campaigns. They came to Calibrant Digital and Adrea Rubin Marketing with the challenge to increase final expense new policyholder acquisition efforts by creating a multichannel campaign.

We identified 3 keys for online & offline to support each other optimally

  • 1. Clear custom segments with both dispositions
  • 2. Messaging that is unique but complimentary
  • 3. Engagement options in both channels

Core Strategy

Calibrant and ARM created a comprehensive online and offline campaign that were uniquely different while still maintaining a congruous feel, offer, and brand position that allowed customers to seamlessly traverse either channel based on their preferences.

Customer segmentation

Online & offline inquiries, dispositions, and transactions were combined to form a singular cross-channel profile for each segment -- some that could be jointly marketed and some not.


Each bit of communication with prospective customers was adjusted to maximize resonance unique to each channel yet maintain a cohesive voice, offer, position, brand, and invitation to engage online or offline.

sales process

ARM & Calibrant worked with the client to adjust how the customer’s journey progressed through each channel, how to track and facilitate a customer switching, maximize call center conversion, and installed follow-up program to maximize final policy bind rates.


exceeded aggregate new business premium goals by 17%