case study #2

Transition From Leads to Warm Transfers

A nationally established entity came to Calibrant Digital with the goal of moving from mostly traditional leads to warm transfers - within some limitations and challenges.

We flipped 3 key limitations into funnel-points of optimization

  • 1. Limited number of sales agents
  • 2. Large number of product options
  • 3. Limited brand recognition

Core Strategy

Calibrant saw each challenge as an actual point of optimization and installed tactics that increased performance at each step of the customer’s journey.

Calibrant analyzed our client’s performance vs. other companies, products, offers to create a multidimensional heat map of highest likelihood to bind a policy.
Calibrant conducted a comprehensive deep dive into historical lead performance to go beyond the “right source” to the “right audience within each source.”
Calibrant worked with Client’s agents to determine how to best route calls, record dispositions, and create a cyclical optimization process.


Sales Conversation improved from 8.2% to 20.8%
Average Revenue per Transaction increased 37%